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Antioch Bible Institute (ABI)

Purpose of ABI

Antioch Bible Institute (ABI) was established to help Christians develop a deeper understanding of the Bible and a consistent Christian lifestyle. This mission is accomplished by offering a four-tier, bible-centered curriculum that develops a foundational understanding in the Bible and Christian discipleship. It is expected that every student will increase their biblical, theological and practical knowledge of Christianity and apply the Bible and its teachings to their lives. As each student advances, they will be equipped to communicate the message of the Bible, defend the Christian faith and share in the responsibility of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Registration Process

Complete the Online Registration Form.

Send the completed Online Registration Form to Antioch Christian Fellowship Attn: ABI by fax at (940) 498-3326 or via email at

Your registration is complete when you receive a confirmatory email.


Is there a fee for classes? There is no registration fee for classes at this time. Some classes do, however, have additional fees for materials. You may pay for your class materials during the first meeting by cash or check. Checks should be made payable to Antioch Christian Fellowship.

Do I need books or other materials? The Bible is the primary course book for each class, but certian classes have additional texts which may be purchased at Antioch Christian Fellowship or may be ordered by the student from a third-party vendor.

Is there a deadline to register? Please see the Calendar Overview for registration deadlines.

Can we receive college credit for your courses? Unfortunately, you cannot receive credit for classes taken in the ABI program.