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Antioch Christian Fellowship Ministries


Though LifePoint, we hope to connect our members with others who find themselves at similar stages or points on their Christian journey. Whether those points are related to lifecycle, family structure, hobbies, affinities or zip code, our goal is to encourage the development of meaningful, Christ-centered relationships. LifePoint groups meet regularly (as determined by the group) and will be a consistent source of fellowship, care, discipleship and prayer for all of its members. We encourage you to join a LifePoint group so you can reap the benefits of "doing life" with others within the congregation.

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Our Mosaic groups are intended to be a resource to those who may have unique ministry needs within the Antioch family and the community at-large. While the scope of Mosaic groups may change from time-to-time, we are committed to helping our members and our neighbors work through difficult issues like mental illness, sexual purity, divorce recovery, marital distress, drugs and alcohol and cultural diversity.

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